About us


My name is Helen Merrett, I am a qualified veterinary nurse. In 2008 I decided to leave veterinary practice and set up a business of my own from home, where I could do what I love to do best, play with dogs and I have been lucky enough to be doing that ever since!

I live on a dairy farm in the beautiful Severn Vale, and am lucky enough to be able to share it with your dogs!

I have years of practical handling and training experience, and wanted to give people that alternative to kennels that we all want. A home from home, which is a holiday for the dogs, not just for us.

For your peace of mind I work closely with Woods Animal Hospital in Gloucester, in years gone by I worked there as a veterinary nurse, including running their weekly puppy parties for them, as well as undertaking a lot of their training clients. I have a close relationship with the practice should your dog need urgent medical attention whilst your dog is in my care.

In my days as a veterinary nurse I spent many an appointment talking to owners with new puppies or rescue dogs about how to overcome their dogs problems, issues, and general over exuberance, but found that a 10 minute consult in a vets really wasn’t long enough to make a real difference. Now I work for myself, an hour with me, really can make a drastic difference to how your dog behaves, how they feel about their owners and most importantly how the owners feel about their dogs.

My training methods are based on my years of practical handling experience, I am literally surrounded by dogs day in day out, and this gives me a unique opportunity to study them. They are all so different in so many ways, and often need different approaches to both their daily handling and their training, whether they be problem doggies or well rounded happy pups just here for their holidays.

I base my training around the simple principle of teaching the dog how to be calm, so they can use their brains for useful fun things, and I do this in easy to understand ways, no tricks, treats, or devices necessary. My one to one sessions focus on this, alongside making sure the hander understands how to follow up what I am teaching when they get home. There is no point in your dog being good for me, and not for you!!

I don’t offer classes, or group tuition as all dogs are different and things that work well for one dog, will be completely irrelevant for others. I offer value for money, practical skills and advice and if you follow my lead, I know we can make a difference to you and your dogs relationship in as little as 1 session.

I explain the reasons behind my techniques, in terms of how the dog thinks about things, so you can go out into the real world and start understanding what they are thinking of getting up to, and controlling their behaviour without them even noticing you do it!

Thanks for finding us, 

A business built out of a passion and understanding for dogs and their needs
With over 20 years experience within veterinary and animal welfare, we are the ones to trust.